Why is Outerbike the Best Bike Demo in the Universe?

Our partners over at Outerbike use the tagline “the best bike demo event in the universe.” We think they are spot on and here’s why: Outerbike is the only mountain bike demo event that is explicitly designed to allow you to test as many bikes as possible on some of the best trails in the country. Mt. Crested Butte’s Outerbike, gearing up for its third year August 16-18, 2019, is a great example.

The Venue

Outerbike in Mt. Crested Butte is a phenomenal venue for testing bikes. You can stay in lodging so close to the venue that it would literally take you longer to get on your bike, ride over, and dismount than to stroll over when it’s time. There are breakfast options to enjoy in the morning before gearing up for a day on the trails and bars to hit up for apres plus a free shuttle down to the town of Crested Butte if you want a night out on Elk Avenue. Flying in and wondering if you need a rental car? You don’t. Just set up an airport shuttle and get dropped off at your lodging and then enjoy ease of access to everything on foot or via free public transportation.

solo mountain biker riding a bermed downhill trail in a forest of aspens

Even better than the convenience of the access to great lodging and food are the trails themselves. Both the Full Demo and Bring Your Own Bike passes include three days of lift-served access to Crested Butte Mountain Bike Park. The Bike Park offers a huge variety of trails including uphill-only, meandering xc trails, and a progression of downhill trails from easy green-circle cruisers to black-diamond trails with bigger rock gardens and features. Having lifts gives you the option to try more bikes in a single day in spite of our elevation. Or you can connect to the backcountry singletrack via Happy Hour, the Upper Loop, and Tony’s then pick up a shuttle from the 4-way stop in downtown to get you back. Likewise, it’s easy to connect and do a loop on the Lupines or Lower Loop Trails. While this is just a taste of the 150+ trails in the entire Gunnison Valley, these ones are beloved classics for a reason. Download the CBGTrails app before your trip and have easy access to trail maps in your pocket on all your rides.

example lunch plate at Outerbike

Another benefit to the venue is that food and beer are right there. Outerbike lunches (three of them are included with all passes!) are famous for being delicious and hearty, but not so filling that you’ll need a nap afterwards. Happy hours at the in-venue beer garden kick off at the end of Friday and Saturday testing hours. We do advise you wait until you’re done testing to hit up the beer garden, but having it right there means that once you return your last bike of the day, you’re only steps from a refreshing beer or cocktail.


The Bikes

Outerbike vendor village in Mt. Crested Butte as shot from the air.Have you ever seen 1000+ shiny new mountain bikes in one place? We hadn’t until our first trip to Outerbike. With relationships with dozens of brands, Outerbike offers more bikes from more brands than any other demo we’ve attended. It’s specifically set up to get you on as many of them as possible in three days. Whether you’re there just to ride some rad trails on something with nicer suspension or a different wheel size than what you currently have in your garage or you’re on a mission to pick out your next bike, you’re going to have a great time riding the latest and greatest.

Confirmed brands for Mt. Crested Butte Outerbike this year include:

  • Alchemy Bicycles
  • Demoworx
  • Eleven Pine
  • Esker Cycles
  • Evil Bikes
  • Fezzari
  • Floyd’s of Leadville
  • Fox Factory
  • G-Form
  • Handup Gloves
  • Ionic Bikes
  • Mountain Manners
  • Niner
  • Pivot Cycles
  • Pommello
  • Outside Van
  • Pirelli
  • Rocky Mountain Bicycles
  • ROMP Skis
  • Scott
  • Shimano
  • Specialized
  • Tailwind Nutrition
  • Transition Bikes
  • TRUST Performance
  • Vandoit Adventure Vans
  • Yakima
  • Yetic Cycles
  • Your Best Ride Demo Tour

Usually a few more realize they can make it at the last minute and every once in a while someone has to drop out at the last minute, so don’t be surprised if the list changes up a bit before the weekend itself.


The People

We love the people who attend Outerbike. From the organizers to the bike company reps to the participants, Outerbike is a big gathering of people who are flat-out-stoked to go play on bikes. Mark and Ashley from Western Spirit created the event to make it easier for us normal folks to get to try the coolest new bikes and the event stays true to their goal. They’ll also be catching some laps themselves once the weekend is humming along. In fact, Mark finds his way into a lot of the photos you’ve seen advertising Outerbike.

Outerbike organizer checking out the trails on Crested Butte Mountain Bike Park

The bike vendors are also an enthusiastic crew. They work their tails off setting up their tents and wrenching on bikes all day long so you can have a great time, and then many of them skip out on the happy hours in the afternoon and take advantage of being near some of the best trails in the country to get out and ride themselves. They’re pumped to help you find the right bike for you and you should ask them all kinds of questions!

bike rep preparing a fresh mountain bike for a participant to test.

Finally, we love YOU, the participants. Your stoke level is off the charts. There’s nothing quite like the morning line-up of folks sipping coffee and getting ready for the venue to open so they can run (literally!) and find their first bike of the day. Between the lunch tent, the beer garden, and the lift rides, there are moments spaced throughout the day for participants to get to know each other and, even more importantly, swap notes on bikes they have tried and what they liked best. This factor really sets Outerbike apart because you can get guidance from people just like you on what you should try next if you liked the short-travel 29er from x brand but not the one from y brand. A lot of people come back Outerbike after Outerbike and year after year and build connections. You all are one of the coolest parts about the weekend and we look forward to having you in town every year.

It really is that simple. Outerbike is the best bike demo in the universe and we’re thrilled to have the event back in Mt. Crested Butte for the third year in a row. If you’re ready to find out for yourself what the best bike is, head over to their website and get yourself signed up.