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750 Miles of Mountain Bike Trails

We have 750 miles of track in the Gunnison Valley. For close to 50 years now, we’ve been building trail all over our mountains. Anywhere you can get on two wheels. We’re not done yet, but we’re proud of what we’ve built so far in the home of mountain biking.

Beginner trails. Expert trails. Downhill trails. Cross Country trails. Desert trails. Alpine trails. Mountain bike trails for days. Or for a whole summer of riding. Come ride.

Lupine Mountain Bike Trail near Crested Butte
Tricky rock section at the Enduro
DH mtb trail, Mt. Crested Butte
Dyke Trail near Kebler Pass
desert mountain bike trails at Hartman Rocks
403 mountain bike trail, Washington Gulch, Crested Butte

This is our online guide book to the mountain bike trails in the Gunnison Valley. Maps. Photos. Descriptions. A little taste of what it’s like to ride some of the best trails in the world.

Just like our trail system, it’s not done yet. But check out what we have so far and subscribe to our email newsletter so we can update you when we add more.

Best Of Crested Butte Trails from Crested Butte on Vimeo.

Using the Online Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Ways to use the trail guide:

Trail Areas: These match up to the map areas on our map app. Browse the map areas, find the one that sounds right for you. Then download a map area and take it on trail with you to make sure you never get lost. Or, open the app and find the map closest to your location.
Trail Heads: Parking areas and starting points for our trails. Find the ones closest to your hotel or campground and then pick your rides.
Regional Map: See a map of the whole Gunnison Valley. Warning: you may be overwhelmed. We weren’t kidding when we said we have a lot of trails.
Index: A listing of all of our trails. It’s a lot. But if you’re looking for a particular trail by name, this is the fastest way to find it. Or use our search box!
Search Box: Search for a trail name or keyword.
Email Signup: Subscribe to get the latest news on the happenings in the Gunnison Valley, the home of mountain biking. Sometimes videos, sometimes blog posts, sometimes a note about new trails we’ve added to the guide. Sometimes we’ll send out lodging deals or event info just for mountain bikers. Don’t miss it.