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Go Ride Bikes with Women

by Elena Forchielli Few things can cure a bad mood like a good bike ride. No matter how irritable I’m feeling, the battles I’m waging, or anxiety I’m shouldering, it all melts away as soon as I’m pedaling from the trailhead. Bikes are freedom and my passport to the endless wonders of the backcountry. All… Read more »

Biking with Kids

by Jason Lakey I love riding bikes with kids. It’s such a fun way to get out and explore the spectacular landscapes of the Gunnison Valley. When riding with kids I get to be a kid again and see through the eyes of a person that just wants to have fun and go on an… Read more »

Conquering Strand

Final move in the rock garden on Strand

Out of all the trails in the Gunnison Valley, Strand is probably the one I’ve ridden the most. It’s a good distance for a shortish ride after work. It’s easily accessible from most parts of the north valley. Most intermediate riders can ride most of it. But it’s probably not anyone’s favorite.