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Why is Outerbike the Best Bike Demo in the Universe?

Outerbike vendor village in Mt. Crested Butte as shot from the air.

Our partners over at Outerbike use the tagline “the best bike demo event in the universe.” We think they are spot on and here’s why: Outerbike is the only mountain bike demo event that is explicitly designed to allow you to test as many bikes as possible on some of the best trails in the… Read more »

3 Favorite Rides in the Taylor Park Trail Area

tilton trail wildflowers and mountain biking

  Taylor Park is known by most as being used heavily by motorized bikes and ATV’s, but the same trails that are enjoyed by motorized users can also be enjoyed by those who wish to pedal. And, in fact, the motorized use in this area gives the trails a unique character that many riders will… Read more »

Ride Report: Signal Peak

chicken wing trail signal peak gunnison colorado

Having never ridden Signal Peak before, I figured I would give it a go with a friend who hadn’t ridden it since his time at Western State University. We decided to begin from where he started the last time he rode the area (about 15 years ago) and parked at the campus.

5 Best Rides With Kids in the Gunnison Valley

Balance, confidence, fresh air, and joy are just a few reasons why it’s great to see more and more kids on bikes. While many Gunnison Valley kids are raised taught to walk and ride Striders at the same time, it may not be so easy for kids living outside the area to get a handle… Read more »

3 Favorite Mountain Bike Rides in the Fossil Ridge Trail Area

  Usually the words “Fossil Ridge” summon an image of alpine lakes and mountains located within a Wilderness boundary. Although the Fossil Ridge Wilderness is indeed located within this particular region of TrailQuest, ample opportunities for riding exist outside of the Wilderness boundaries within the Fossil Ridge Recreation Management Area. This region is home to… Read more »

3 Favorite Mountain Bike Rides in the Gunnison Trail Area

As the seasons change and the riding becomes less and less appealing in Crested Butte due to rain and snow, we begin to focus on mountain biking in the desert. When Coloradans think about “desert riding”, Fruita or Moab are two of the main areas that first come to mind. But, Gunnison has its own… Read more »

Trailquest Advice from the First Finisher

TrailQuest isn’t just about challenge.  There are plenty of smiles in there too!

A week and a half ago, I became the first person to complete TrailQuest, a challenge to ride 750+ unique miles in the areas surrounding Crested Butte, Gunnison, Paonia, and Crawford. As a natural explorer and goal-setter, I easily gravitated toward this ambitious challenge. Some say that challenges like this aren’t for everyone. But, I… Read more »

My Love Affair with Hartman Rocks

POV from bike on a desert trail at Hartman Rocks

This past April, I set out to ride 150+ miles on my bike. That was a fairly ambitious monthly total for someone with a full-time job living in a climate that often delivers a wintry mix throughout the month of April. It was even more ambitious because I didn’t want to skip any of my… Read more »

3 Favorite Rides in the Needle Creek Trail Area

hicks downhill needles mountain bike

  Once upon a time, my husband Frank and I thought we had ridden everything worth riding in and around Crested Butte /Gunnison. We’d ridden hundreds of miles of trails, and definitely found ourselves off the beaten path on numerous occasions. But, the TrailQuest Challenge showed us that we still had many more miles to… Read more »