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Ride Report: Signal Peak

chicken wing trail signal peak gunnison colorado

Having never ridden Signal Peak before, I figured I would give it a go with a friend who hadn’t ridden it since his time at Western State University. We decided to begin from where he started the last time he rode the area (about 15 years ago) and parked at the campus.

5 Best Rides With Kids in the Gunnison Valley

Balance, confidence, fresh air, and joy are just a few reasons why it’s great to see more and more kids on bikes. While many Gunnison Valley kids are raised taught to walk and ride Striders at the same time, it may not be so easy for kids living outside the area to get a handle… Read more »

2019 TrailQuest Season Just Kicked Off!

solo woman mountain biking on rocks at Hartman Rocks

Hartman Rocks is Open! After a long wait and lots of patience, Hartman Rocks is officially ready to ride. That means the 2019 TrailQuest season has started too! New to TrailQuest? Check out what the Queen has to say about this incredible challenge.

Best Gunnison Valley Trails if You’re Visiting From Sea Level

Mountain Biker climbing up rock feature at Hartman Rocks, Gunnison

The high elevation of Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley is a blessing, and a curse. We have relatively cool summers, beautiful mountain vistas, and Colorado’s best wildflowers. We also have a lot of vertical relief, making for epic mountain bike descents. But, that elevation also makes it challenging to visit from sea level and… Read more »

3 Favorite Mountain Bike Rides in the Gunnison Trail Area

As the seasons change and the riding becomes less and less appealing in Crested Butte due to rain and snow, we begin to focus on mountain biking in the desert. When Coloradans think about “desert riding”, Fruita or Moab are two of the main areas that first come to mind. But, Gunnison has its own… Read more »

My Love Affair with Hartman Rocks

POV from bike on a desert trail at Hartman Rocks

This past April, I set out to ride 150+ miles on my bike. That was a fairly ambitious monthly total for someone with a full-time job living in a climate that often delivers a wintry mix throughout the month of April. It was even more ambitious because I didn’t want to skip any of my… Read more »

Ride Report: Baxter Gulch

For the last 30 years, the Baxter Gulch area has been off-limits to public recreation, at least if you wanted to access it from town. Soon, thanks to efforts by the Crested Butte Land Trust, the Town of Crested Butte, the US Forest Service, the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association, and many others this historic… Read more »

#OneGoodRide Instagram Roundup August 2017

Summer has blown by and in the morning there’s a hint of chill in the air signifying the approach of fall. The wildflowers are still on point with huge blooms of fireweed and handlebar-high segments still holding strong in the alpine but time is running out to get some rides in before flower-season winds down and… Read more »

Ride Report: Matchless+Dr. Park

The day didn’t start as planned. My buddy Shaw met me at my house in CB South at 8am with the initial plan to ride Crystal Peak/400/Block and Tackle/Doubletop/Hunter Creek. I figured this was my best bet to rack up a ton of Trailquest miles. 45 minutes after we left my house Shaw came to… Read more »