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Spectator’s Guide: Enduro World Series Crested Butte

Big Mountain Enduro is bringing the Enduro World Series here to the Gunnison Valley and we couldn’t be more excited. The world’s best mountain bikers are coming here to ride the world’s best mountain bike trails. It’s just over a week away, with three days of racing taking place July 31-August 2. We’ve put together… Read more »

5 Reasons You Should Do A Clinic

“It’s just like riding a bike.” We’ve all heard that before. If you’re like me, it may have tricked you into believing that mountain biking is easy to pick up. But as I’ve learned over the last 5 years, there’s quite a bit more to being able to ride technical mountain biking trails. I have… Read more »

Biking with Kids

by Jason Lakey I love riding bikes with kids. It’s such a fun way to get out and explore the spectacular landscapes of the Gunnison Valley. When riding with kids I get to be a kid again and see through the eyes of a person that just wants to have fun and go on an… Read more »

6 Must-Haves for your Gunnison Valley MTB Ride

cbgtrails mountain bike map

You’ve made it to the Gunnison Valley and now you’re ready to get out and ride. Let us help you fill your pack with the right gear to make sure you have a great adventure out on the trail. You should have these things pretty much no matter where you’re going. You can probably get away… Read more »