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3 Favorite Rides in the Continental Divide / Monarch Pass Region

dropping into canyon creek

  Over the last two years, Frank and I have been doing our best to chip away at TrailQuest – a challenge to ride 750+ miles of trails surrounding the Crested Butte and Gunnison area. Aside from giving us a fun goal to work toward, TrailQuest has also given us a reason to explore trails… Read more »

3 Favorite Rides in the Needle Creek Trail Area

hicks downhill needles mountain bike

  Once upon a time, my husband Frank and I thought we had ridden everything worth riding in and around Crested Butte /Gunnison. We’d ridden hundreds of miles of trails, and definitely found ourselves off the beaten path on numerous occasions. But, the TrailQuest Challenge showed us that we still had many more miles to… Read more »