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Ride Report: Signal Peak

chicken wing trail signal peak gunnison colorado

Having never ridden Signal Peak before, I figured I would give it a go with a friend who hadn’t ridden it since his time at Western State University. We decided to begin from where he started the last time he rode the area (about 15 years ago) and parked at the campus.

3 Favorite Mountain Bike Rides in the Fossil Ridge Trail Area

  Usually the words “Fossil Ridge” summon an image of alpine lakes and mountains located within a Wilderness boundary. Although the Fossil Ridge Wilderness is indeed located within this particular region of TrailQuest, ample opportunities for riding exist outside of the Wilderness boundaries within the Fossil Ridge Recreation Management Area. This region is home to… Read more »

Hartman Rocks Early Season Ride Report

female mountain biker on Becks Trail at Hartman Rocks in Gunnison

In 2018, I rode my mountain bike 14 times during the month of April totaling about 160 miles, a great deal of them at Hartman Rocks. This year was an entirely different story. We had a decent snow year at the ski area followed by an extremely snowy spring here in the Gunnison Valley. That… Read more »

2019 TrailQuest Season Just Kicked Off!

solo woman mountain biking on rocks at Hartman Rocks

Hartman Rocks is Open! After a long wait and lots of patience, Hartman Rocks is officially ready to ride. That means the 2019 TrailQuest season has started too! New to TrailQuest? Check out what the Queen has to say about this incredible challenge.

Ride Report: Agate Creek

one of many creek crossings on agate trail

4th of July 2018 started off like most others in Crested Butte. A bit of traffic, a funky and fresh parade, and then an escape into the backcountry. Shortly before the end of the parade, and before we got doused in the massive waterfight that ensues, my friend Shaw and I loaded our bikes and… Read more »

Ride Report: Hartman Rocks Season Opener 2018

rocky ridge trail hartman rocks mountain biking gunnison colorado

Yes, Hartman Rocks has been open since March 15, but as hard as I’ve tried, it was only yesterday evening that I was able to squeak in a ride. The whole impetus for getting me down there was to shoot some video with Gunnison Trails’ executive director, Tim Kugler. So thank you Tim for giving… Read more »

Ride Report: Baxter Gulch

For the last 30 years, the Baxter Gulch area has been off-limits to public recreation, at least if you wanted to access it from town. Soon, thanks to efforts by the Crested Butte Land Trust, the Town of Crested Butte, the US Forest Service, the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association, and many others this historic… Read more »

Ride Report: Evolution Bike Park/ Outerbike Test Trails

Evolution Bike Park has over 30 miles of singletrack in one of the tightest networks in the valley. Not only are many of the trails built specifically for riders, but many options exist with uphill trails, lift-served cross country, and several good options for flow. With Outerbike coming to town tomorrow through Sunday I figured… Read more »

Ride Report: Walrod, Doubletop, 409.5

While this post will be a ride report, it also opens up the debate into e-bikes. My brother-in-law, Brandon, was in town visiting from Dallas this last week and wanted to go mountain biking. Being a BMX rider, he has the technical skills and balance on a bike. Coming from Dallas, he lacks the adjustment… Read more »

Ride Report: The Iconic 401

The iconic 401, a mountain biker’s dream! The scenery on this trail will definitely take your breath away (if the elevation and climb haven’t already done that). Mind-blowing vistas and wildflowers as far as the eye can see are what you should expect from this classic Crested Butte ride.