Spring Outerbike Report

This past weekend marked the passing of another successful Spring Outerbike in Moab. Three times a year the folks at Western Spirit Cycling organize “the best bike demo event in the universe.” During the spring and fall, the location is in Moab. During the summer, the event will take place in Mt. Crested Butte for the first time this August. The MTBHome crew makes it a point to come out for each event with our huge trail map, stickers, and, of course, a bunch of beer.

riding around the outerbike moab venue

Cruising through the venue

mtbhome and orion coolers at outerbike moab

The MTBHome trail map and beer cooler

Every morning riders assemble at the gate an hour or more before opening to jockey for position on the most popular bikes. As soon as the gate drops, it’s a full-on sprint to Scott, Yeti, Pivot, and Ibis. If you’re in the back of the line, don’t worry. Many of the components manufacturers carry a demo fleet as well. If you scout it out Friday, you can dodge the rush and head straight to the bike of your choice.

western spirit cycling shuttles at outerbike spring moab

Western Spirit shuttle rigs ready to roll

pivot cycles booth at outerbike moab

Pivot Cycle’s booth

After the mad rush, most of the crowd heads out to the shuttle ride of the day. For us, the mornings were usually pretty quiet, so we all took the opportunity to duck out on our personal rigs on the Bar M trails located next to the venue. Come lunch time most people are back at the venue.

bar m trails at outerbike moab

Riding out to test bikes on the Bar M trails

Being able to ride directly from the venue to the Bar M trail system or, in the summer, the Evolution Bike Park, is part of what makes this event so fun. In a full weekend you can easily try out 5-10 different bikes. For the people that choose not to demo bikes, you’ll remain entertained the whole weekend riding the trail networks around the event.

The afternoon is the time to stop by some of the other vendor booths that don’t have bike demos or do some shorter rides to try and figure out what to take on the next day’s schedule. We had a great time at the MTBHome booth chatting to riders from all over the country and Canada about biking, trails, public land, and beer.

If you’re planning to come to Outerbike this summer in Crested Butte stop by our tent or let us know on Facebook or Instagram. We’ll also be headed back to Moab in October for another off-season trip to the desert.

Ready for Summer Outerbike in Crested Butte? Learn more and register.


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