Ride Report: Hartman Rocks Season Opener 2018

Yes, Hartman Rocks has been open since March 15, but as hard as I’ve tried, it was only yesterday evening that I was able to squeak in a ride. The whole impetus for getting me down there was to shoot some video with Gunnison Trails’ executive director, Tim Kugler. So thank you Tim for giving me an excuse to duck away from the computer and put some miles in.

By the way, that video covers a whole lot in the realm of Hartman’s current closures, which trails are in good shape, and which ones you should avoid for a little while longer. If you’re interested, you can watch it below.

After our shoot at the top of Tailpipe I went on a hour long ride to check out a variety of trails to see for myself how they were holding up. My route was Beck’s, Rocky Ridge, Broken Shovel, Sea of Sage, Luge, Beck’s, Tailpipe and back to the truck at the top of Kill Hill.

hartman rocks mountain biking gunnison colorado

Honestly, I was expecting to see a bit more mud than I did. Rocky Ridge had a couple muddy spots, but nothing you couldn’t avoid with a rock line. Beck’s, Broken Shovel, and Sea of Sage were primo. Luge had one spot at the beginning where a bit of snow was lingering; that one may be problematic for beginners especially since it was in a fast section. The only one that really needed a chance to dry out more was Tailpipe.

hartman rocks mountain biking gunnison colorado

We’ve also gotten some second-hand accounts from friends and social media followers that Collarbone is still swampy. In addition there’s a closure remaining on Enchanted Forest and Rattlesnake. Gunnison Trails also calls out Ring Dyke, Josho’s, and Freefall as a few trails that should be avoided until we have a good string of warm bluebird days.

The seasonal closure south of the powerlines remains until May 15 for Gunnison Sage Grouse mating and habitat.

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If you haven’t already done so, go download the CBGTrails app in Itunes or Google Play. It’s a free app that includes real-time trail reports. You can also play the Trailquest game within the app. If you’re not familiar, this is a game to ride all 750+ miles of Gunnison Valley singletrack. Earn prizes and ride miles!

Now that Hartman’s is open and it’s not dark until 7:30pm, you can be pretty sure that we’ll be out riding as often as possible. See you on the trail!

rocky ridge trail hartman rocks mountain biking gunnison colorado

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