We’re surrounded by more mountain bike trails here in the Gunnison Valley than you can shake a stick at. That makes us the perfect place for a mountain bike trip, but it also makes planning the details of that trip a little more challenging. Which trails does a beginner rider absolutely need to hit on their trip? Which trails can you get to without a car that will most resemble the great epics in this Valley? That’s what this page is for: detailed itineraries for you to follow on your mountain bike trip to Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley.

Just  show up, download the free CBGTrails trail map app, give your bike a once-over, pack some snacks, and hit the trail.

Note: The mountain bike itineraries below are defined by the number of days of actual riding. You may need to add additional travel days on the front or end of the itinerary depending on where you are visiting us from.

Crested Butte Mountain Bike Trip Itineraries

3 Day Beginner Flow Mountain Bike Itinerary

Two riders on the Lower Loop singletrack along the Slate River with Crested Butte in background

This one includes three days of flow riding and it’s perfect for beginners. All of these trails are close to the towns of Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte (plus a Gunnison option) and none of the rides include a lot of vertical. Arrive in the valley, pick up your reserved rental bike or pump up your tires. Pack a water bottle and some snacks and get out there.


No Car Crested Butte Itinerary

Final move in the rock garden on Strand

In the summer, most folks who fly in rent a car for easier access to trailheads. But, there are locals who live in the towns of Mt. Crested Butte or Crested Butte who never get in a car all summer long. If you’re trying to do Crested Butte the local way, and only use the buses and your own two wheels to get around, check out this itinerary of the “most Crested Butte-ish” of the trails you can get to straight from our north valley towns without crushing your legs and lungs with a long road climb.


TrailQuest One Week Itinerary– COMING SOON

This summer, we launched a challenge to see who could ride the most unique miles of trail in the Valley called TrailQuest. To participate, just download our new CBGTrails app, sign up for TrailQuest, and start recording and submitting your rides.

We are working on calculating the miles to create an itinerary to allow you to make the biggest dent possible in the TrailQuest challenge during a single week-long visit to the Gunnison Valley. We just need to get out and ride some of the options first to confirm that our strategy is sound. Stay tuned and we’ll update after we’ve logged some of the miles.