Chasing Epic

Chasing Epic

Chasing Epic is a new breed of adventure travel company providing all-inclusive, guided mountain biking across the Rocky Mountains and Desert Southwest- specifically catered towards experienced mountain bikers, they push their riders to the limits throughout the course of the 4-day trips. For 2019, there will be two separate dates for Chasing Epic trips in Crested Butte! If you don’t see a set of dates on the schedule that works for you, they also offer private trips for groups of 6 or more. In Crested Butte, they partner with local guides from Colorado Backcountry to show you the goods; it’s truly epic here in the Crested Butte-Gunnison Valley!

chasing epic mountain bike trips

Summer 2019 Dates

What’s Included

  • Three nights lodging
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner!)
  • High-end demo bikes from Ibis
  • Professional mountain bike guides
  • Ride nutrition to keep you going
  • Dedicated trip leader

riding through lupines in summer crested butte chasing epic mountain biking

Example Itinerary: What Can You Expect?

Day One:

On the first day of our Crested Butte trip, we’ll meet at the hotel at 1:00pm to get checked in and have everyone introduce themselves. You’ll have a little time to unpack and gear up before meeting up with our guides to hit the trail. Unless you have your own personal “feed kit”, there’s no need to worry about any of that since we’ve got you covered with plenty of energy and nutrition from Infinit and Clif Bar.

Our ride on Day One will combine a few of our favorites- Lupine, Gunsight, and the Lower Loops: all told, we’ll ride about 15 miles and climb around 1500 feet. Expect an incredible “warm up” ride of smooth singletrack, a few descent climbs, and views that will blow your mind. The ride will end in town, where we’ll have world-famous Secret Stash pizza and a post-ride beer!
chasing epic mountain bike trips

Day Two:

Today’s ride is going to be BIG, so make sure you put in the miles leading up to your trip. This “combo” ride is one of our favorites anywhere: Teocalli Ridge and Strand Hill. We’ll start with a pretty mellow 4-mile dirt road climb to the base of Teocalli Mountain, which serves as a great warmup for things to come. From there, it only gets steeper, as we tackle about 1.5 miles of difficult singletrack before we gain the ridge. From here, it’s one of the best descents anywhere in Colorado, six miles of just about everything we can throw at you: smooth singletrack, techy roots, tight switchbacks, and wide open meadows.

Once we finish the first descent, we’ll cross Brush Creek and head up to the Strand Hill trails– this means a 30-40 minute climb that leads to a sweet, sweet descent through one of the most beautiful aspen forests you’ll ever see. Remember, we always make sure the difficult climbs are worth the suffering! All told today, expect to ride about 23 miles and climb close to 3500 feet!
chasing epic mountain bike trips

Day Three:

EPIC ALERT! Today’s ride will push you beyond your limits, but we promise you’ll thank us afterwards. Be sure to fuel up with a BIG breakfast that will give you plenty of energy to keep riding beyond what you thought possible. You’re going to need it.

Today we’re going to head down to the Cement Creek area (about 10 minutes south of town) to combine some of the biggest riding you’ll see on a Chasing Epic trip. We’re not going to spoil the surprise, but you can count on huge climbs (some hike-a-bike), multiple 6-mile descents, two mountain passes, and the most incredible singletrack you’ve likely ever ridden. Today’s ride will be close to 25 miles, and we’ll climb over 4,000 vertical! Get ready!
chasing epic mountain bike trips

Day Four:

We always like to finish up our trips on a high-note, so today we’re going to head up to the Rustler Gulch trailhead to ride the world-famous 401 Trail. We’ll start off with a steady 45 minute climb up Gothic Road, followed by a pretty stiff climb up the 401 singletrack, which adds another 20-25 minutes. From there, it’s all downhill back to the trailhead on some of the most incredible singletrack you’ll ever ride. If you’re itching for more, we can always add lower 401 to top your crew off! Today’s ride is about 10 miles and 2,000 vertical.

Once we’re finished with this morning’s ride, we’ll head back to our lodging to get everyone checked out. The trip (sadly) will end by 1:00 on the last day, in order to accommodate everyone that has to drive home or catch a flight. NOTE: This itinerary is for example only, to give customers an idea of what to expect on a standard Chasing Epic trip. Mileage and actual trail choices may differ due to riding ability, weather and trail conditions.
chasing epic mountain bike trips

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