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Mountain biking with kids on the lower loop in Crested ButteThe Gunnison Valley has plenty of programs for your kids to build their confidence and skills on the bike. But really, the goal of teaching your kids to mountain bike is to be able to share something you love as a family.

Mountain biking with kids doesn’t have to be a chore. Maybe your kids are early beginners. Maybe they’ve spent the last week at Gravity Groms or Mountain Adventures and now they can kick your butt on the trail. Either way, you’ll find the perfect trail for your family to get out and explore in the home of mountain biking.

Family Friendly Rides

Your kids may be super groms who shred trail all day with their friends. That doesn’t mean you want to sign up for a 30 mile bear of a ride with your 12 year old. Our trail guide can give you some ideas for how to pick a ride the whole family can enjoy.

mountain biking with kids near crested butte
mountain biking with kids at hartman rocks

Trail ratings will help you pick the right trail for mountain biking with kids. Just like on ski slopes, they run from easiest to most difficult, rated green circle, blue square, black diamond, and up to double black diamond. We also give you a flow to tech rating to give you an idea of how smooth the trail will be.

If your kids are just learning to tackle trail on a bike, you may want to consider giving some of the adaptive trails a try. These trails tend to be wider and have less exposure. They’re great for kids, and adults, who are still learning. The sea of sage to broken shovel loop at Hartman Rocks is a great one for riders of all levels and will help build your kids’ confidence. It’s also pretty short. You can ride it once, and then if you feel good loop around again. If you’re not feeling it, you can head to downtown Gunnison and get some ice cream instead.

Another great option for riding trails as a family is to get out on the downhill trails at Evolution Bike Park. Taking the lift up makes it easier to stick together. That way, the speedy ones aren’t left waiting at the top of the climbs for everyone to catch up. Instead, you can all ride the lifts up together. Then head to the downhill only trails and zoom down the rollers and berms.

Kids Bike Rentals

When kids are growing quickly, it doesn’t always make sense to buy them a mountain bike of their own. Instead, you may want to rent them a modern bike that fits just right during your visit to the Gunnison Valley. Many of our local bike shops offer full rental fleets, including the latest bikes for kids. Save yourself the trouble of flying with or shipping your bike. Instead, get something you know will be in tip top mechanical shape for your family rides.  There is nothing worse than having a mechanical when you’re trying to outrace a storm with your kids.

Crested Butte Junior Bike Week

If your kid is already a little ripper, consider coming out for Crested Butte Bike Week this summer. Held the last weekend in June, Crested Butte Bike Week is the world’s oldest mountain bike festival. Including a track stand competition, clinics, and a kids’ cross-country race on the Lower Loop trail system, this will only add to the fun of CB Bike Week. Watch the CB Devo website for more information on how to sign up.

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