gO Ride Clinics throughout the spring, summer, and fall include mountain bike lessons from expert coachesThe Gunnison Valley is a perfect place to learn to mountain bike. With so much of mountain biking’s history right here, you can spend a day on the trail and then head to the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum to learn about all the legends who also explored our trails. We also have some great kids mountain biking programs.

Cross Country Mountain Bike Lessons & Clinics

The Gunnison Valley offers great opportunities to learn to mountain bike. Local guides can take you out and give you some tips while you explore a new trail. This is a great way to get some one on one instruction from people who make their living shredding trail. Or, take a cross country mountain bike lesson from one of Crested Butte Mountain Resort’s instructors. Private and group lessons are available.

Throughout the summer there are opportunities to pick up some new skills in more structured clinics. Griggs Orthopedics will be sponsoring “gO Ride” clinics throughout the summer, starting in early May. These affordable clinics put on by local pros mash up technical biking skills, injury prevention, nutrition information, and more to give you a complete picture of what it takes to perform in our alpine environment. If you’re here during Crested Butte Bike Week, be sure to check out the gO Ride clinic that fits your level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

2014 Vida MTB Clinic in Mt. Crested ButteDownhill Mountain Bike Lessons & Clinics

For supportive downhill mountain bike lessons, you can’t do better than the instructors at Evolution Bike Park at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Knowledgeable local instructors can help you pick up technique tips that will make you feel more confident on your bike. They can help you figure out where your weight should be based on the terrain and when the best time to brake is when you’re heading into a turn. You may even find that the best way to become a better cross country bike rider is to take a lesson on a downhill bike. Just like with Cross Country lessons, both private and group mountain bike lessons are available. You can also choose the duration of your private lesson, with 2 hour, 4 hour, and full-day options available.

Feeling good about your riding basics, but looking for a guide to take you a little farther from town or push your skills just a bit?

Gunnison Valley Mountain Bike Guides

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