Home of Mountain Biking

When you look around the Gunnison Valley, our mountains shoot up in every direction.Modern Pearl Pass Tour in the home of mountain biking They’re just begging to be explored. This has led our locals to find some creative ways of getting in the backcountry over the years.

The Birth of Mountain Biking

From Wikipedia: “There were several groups of riders in different areas of the U.S.A. who can make valid claims to playing a part in the birth of the sport. Riders in Crested Butte, Colorado and Cupertino, California tinkered with bikes and adapted them to the rigors of off-road riding. Modified heavy cruiser bicycles, old 1930s and ’40s Schwinn bicycles retrofitted with better brakes and fat tires, were used for freewheeling down mountain trails in Marin County, California in the mid-to-late 1970s…”

As soon as the technology was there, our predecessors started putting their own unique Gunnison Valley spin on the experience. The Pearl Pass tour gave Crested Buttians a chance to make the journey to Aspen and get themselves into trouble on the other side. Now we’re approaching the 40th anniversary of the event.

Crested Butte Bike Week became the first mountain biking festival in the world. For a long time, it was the rowdiest and also the most ridiculous thing on two wheels on the planet. The longest cross country races. Dual slalom. Stunts on boulders and cars. Don’t believe us, check out the video:

You can still come out in June and experience a different kind of rowdiness at Crested Butte Bike Week. It’s just one of many events we host in the home of mountain biking.

Home of Mountain Biking

There is some justifiable pride here in the valley that we were there at the beginning. But that hasn’t caused us to rest. We take our position as the home of mountain biking pretty seriously.

The Chainless World Championship in the home of mountain biking

We continue to build bikes here. Our own Jake O’Connor of ReActive Adaptations builds some of the best adaptive handcycles in the world. You won’t find a bike shop in the valley without a good mechanic on staff. After they tune up your brakes, they’ll be happy to share their favorite trails with you.


We have built the largest and most varied mountain biking trail system in the world. 750 miles of track. Flowy high alpine singletrack. Techy downhilling to scare you a little bit. A vast playground of high desert riding. A 10 mile downhill off the continental divide.

We can keep you busy for a weekend or a whole summer of riding. It’s time to come home.