Announcing a New Venue for Borealis Fat Bike Worlds

Chasing the win at Borealis Fat Bike World Championships presented by Upslope Brewing just got even sweeter! After waiting for the right amount of snow to fall, and some major grooming efforts, we’re excited to announce that Saturday’s Championship Race will take place on the new trail system at The Club at Crested Butte. There’s plenty to be excited about with this new upgrade, but here are our three reasons why this course is even better than before.

Spectating and Finishing

Possibly the best thing about Saturday’s new course venue is the start and finish. The Club’s raised deck allows you to cheer, heckle, celebrate, and party while keeping your eye on the leaders and the costumes through most of the course. Once racers are finished they have the option to warm up and change inside without having to walk to the school. You and your beer will no longer turn to an icicle after your last lap!

the club at crested butte championship race venue
inside of the club at crested butte

The Views

If you’ve raced the Championship Race before you are well aware of how small you feel when the course butts up against Crested Butte. Saturday’s new course has all that and more with a longer stretch under the towering walls of the mountain and better views of the Slate River Valley all the way up to Mineral Point.
fat bike worlds views

The Length

In the past the Championship Race has been five laps at six miles a lap. This year’s course is four laps at eight miles a lap. I don’t know about you, but I’m always game for longer laps and longer races especially when we get the views mentioned above. If you’re racing in the fun category this year, your lap count will be two for a total of 16 miles.
fat bike worlds finish line

We’re less than a week away from Borealis Fat Bike World Championships, but it’s not too late to get in on the fun. Head over to to get registered, and we’ll see you and your bomb-a** costume next week, January 23-27!