About Us

Mountain Bikers in Chainless World Championship Race-Crested Butte, ColoradoWe are a group of Gunnison Valley mountain bikers. We live in Crested Butte, the city of Gunnison, and in the County.

We race in Dave Wiens’ Growler every spring. We don costumes and zip tie our chains for the Chainless World Championships in June. To the degree we are able, we plan our lives around when we can ride.

We love to ride. But if we come across you on a trail with a broken chain, we’ll stop to help you fix it.

We are mountain bike fanatics who invite you to ride our trails and enjoy our valley.

750 Miles

When we got together in a room and started adding up the trails, it blew us away. 750 miles.

Even the most experienced of us are surprised that we, over the years, built that much.

While collectively we’ve ridden all the trails, there is probably not one of us who has ridden every one. Yet.

Experience the Home of Mountain Biking

We welcome you here to experience mountain biking’s home.


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Mountain Bike Photography

We feature the stunning work of many local photographers on our site. If you’re interested in purchasing prints or contacting them, we recommend you visit their websites:


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