2019 TrailQuest Season Just Kicked Off!

Hartman Rocks is Open!

After a long wait and lots of patience, Hartman Rocks is officially ready to ride. That means the 2019 TrailQuest season has started too! New to TrailQuest? Check out what the Queen has to say about this incredible challenge.

Download the App and Get Started!

CBGTrails is the only complete and regularly updated map of every trail in the Gunnison Valley. Download it now and register for TrailQuest. You won’t know how much there is to explore until you’ve started playing!

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What to Ride

Hartman Rocks has over 35 miles of singletrack. Signal Peak, right across the valley, has another 20+. (Note that there are some seasonal closures to some of the trails, as described below.) Together they make a perfect riding vacation when all the other desert rides in Colorado and Utah have gotten too hot. Check out a couple of these trail previews and then check out the map for more rides and loops in the Gunnison zone.

Until May 15 there are a few regulations in both Hartman’s and Signal Peak to protect wildlife. Signal is only open to mountain bikers after 10am from May 1-May 15. There is also a permanent closure until May 15 for all users in the northeast quadrant. Check out this map for more information. Trails south of the powerline at Hartman Rocks are closed until May 15.

Where to Stay

For start-of-season riding the place to stay is right in Gunnison. Both the Signal Peak and Hartman Rocks main trailheads are just a short ride away. It’s always a bonus to grab a shower and a beer at the end of the day!

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