2017 Outerbike in Mt. Crested Butte was One for the Books!

The inaugural year of Outerbike in the home of mountain biking is over. By all accounts we blew our expectations out of the water. 500 people, around 1200 bikes, and some of the best rides in Crested Butte right out of the venue. Here’s how it all went down.

outerbike in mt. crested butte colorado

Photo Credit: Taylor Ahearn, Crested Butte Mountain Resort

On Friday morning, the diehard participants started to line up at around 6:30 in the morning so that they could get the exact bike they wanted right out of the gate. As we waited for the doors to open, we discussed all the beautiful bikes in the venue. We guessed that there had to be around $1-2 million worth of bicycle waiting to be tested. At 9:00 when the gates opened, there was a mad dash for the bikes as Final Countdown played. The excitement was palpable as people left with their demo rigs heading for the lifts.

the best bike demo in the universe, outerbike, in crested butte colorado

Photo Credit: Taylor Ahearn, Crested Butte Mountain Resort

The goal of the event was to test as many bikes as possible. For those that were in the market for a new bike, what better way to decide a best fit? For those just out for fun, the latest and greatest in bike technology was sure to make them reconsider their needs for a new bike. Quick loops right out of the base area were the main rides recommended with demo bikes. Evolution Bike Park offered a lift boost for those that wanted it. Many people were interested in testing for the uphill prowess of bikes opted to try the two-way trails on the resort. Another close-by option were the Lupine trails with shuttles from town provided by the event.

Each day of the event had great food and drink for all of the participants. Lunch was served at the main venue and then the beer garden opened at the end of the day. Saturday evening even had an after party with DJ Denouement at the Victoria Mirror Palace provided by Crested Butte Music Festival.

By Monday morning, all traces of the festival were leaving the parking lot. Those millions of dollars’ worth of bikes were carefully packed away headed for the next destination. Manufacturers slowly trickled out of the valley over the next week as vendors got their turn to ride the legendary Crested Butte singletrack. Now that it’s over, I am drooling over all the bikes I wish I could have. My only worry is that if I buy one, the cycle will start over again at next year’s Outerbike and I will suddenly be pining for the latest and greatest bikes all over again.

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