trailquest screenshotAnnouncing the newest version of our free CBGTrails Map App, complete with TrailQuest!

We’ve been working with our map genius, Derrick Nehrenberg and his team at GoMaps, on a pretty sweet project for months now. We’re pleased to announce that, just in time for this year’s Gunnison Growler Weekend, we have released the new CBGTrails map app for both Android and iOS.

Here’s Why We Made This

In the Gunnison Valley, we firmly believe that one good ride deserves another. And another. And another. Luckily, we have over 750 miles of singletrack and 150+ mountain bike trails ranging from high alpine singletrack to desert flow. But in some ways, having that many choices and that much variety can make it hard to choose.

Our first goal with the maps was to get all of the information that you need to pick (and find!) your trails in one place. We’ll be adding features to the CBGTrails app over the next month and you can learn more about that stuff on our CBGTrails app page.

We built TrailQuest because we thought it would be fun. We’re competitive here in Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley. We asked the GoMaps team to build us a way to track unique miles of singletrack ridden in the Valley and then build a leaderboard where you can see who has ridden the most.

Here’s Why You Should Join TrailQuest

The challenge here isn’t like Strava where it’s for time. The challenge with TrailQuest is to try to ride as many unique miles of singletrack in the Gunnison Valley as you can. Take our one good ride deserves another mantra to the next logical step and actually try to ride all 750 miles of trail.

Some of these trails are way the heck out there. TrailQuest gives you an opportunity to ask people HOW they rode the trails. Where did they camp or what trailhead did they use? We hope that people will share intel and learn from each other so it’s not so daunting to go ride the stuff over in the Needles.

To play, just download the app from your appropriate app store and sign up for an account for TrailQuest. Then make sure you record your tracks and submit them to TrailQuest. Move up the leaderboard and plot your next rides. Ask others how they have managed to get the ones that seem unreachable.

To sweeten the deal, we’re offering some prizes you can earn by riding as many unique miles as possible in 2017*. Here’s our breakdown:

  • Ride at least 25 unique miles of singletrack and earn a TrailQuest 25 sticker.
  • Ride at least 100 unique miles of singletrack, earn a 2017 TrailQuest 100 pin AND, if you hit 100 miles before October 31, 2017, be entered in a drawing to win a 2017 Scott Genius 920 courtesy of Scott. (full rules and details here)
  • Ride at least 250 unique miles of singletrack and earn a pair of TrailQuest 250 socks.
  • Ride at least 500 unique miles of singletrack and earn a TrailQuest 500 hat.
  • Ride at least 750 unique miles of singletrack and earn a personalized TrailQuest 750 mountain bike jersey.

On top of these, we’re also pulling together partnerships on some additional incremental prizes and we’ll update this post as those come in.

Some Things You Should Know

This is a Herculean feat. Some of the miles will be hike-a-bike. We didn’t make up this game because we thought it would be easy. We made it up because we imagined that it was hard, but possible, for some people. For me personally, I expect it may take at least a decade to actually ride all 750 miles. I’m okay with that.

*We will only guarantee these prizes will be available to finishers in the calendar year 2017. We fully expect to continue these in the years to come, but we’re only guaranteeing these exact prizes for this calendar year.

This app is brand spanking new. It may be a little bit buggy. To give everyone the greatest chance to finish TrailQuest this year if possible, we wanted to get it in your hands. Help us make it better by reporting on bugs to our team.


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