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The Lupine Trail is one of the most beautiful trails close to downtown Crested Butte. Especially during the peak lupine season. You’ll ride through a sea of purple flowers if you time things right.

If you’re staying in Crested Butte or Mt. Crested Butte, you can, and should, ride this one right from your lodging.

From Crested Butte, you’ll want to ride up the Rec Path (You could ride the road, but why would you). When the Rec Path hooks back up with Gothic Road at the Mt. Crested Butte sign take a left and ride down to Saddle Ridge. If you’re coming from Mt. Crested Butte, just head down Gothic Road to Saddle Ridge.

Climb up Saddle Ridge and look for the singletrack at the top. Then start to climb the singletrack. There are a few exposed sidehill sections on the climb, but it’s fairly easy climbing. No technical rock sections and you can probably stay in your middle ring throughout. Enjoy the flowers and the views. Camera time.

There will be a narrow sidehill section and a very brief slightly steeper climb through the woods. Keep your eyes ahead of you on the trail and you can probably clean it. Or get off your bike and push for just a little bit.

The first downhill is all flow and great beginner switchbacks with big berms. Let ‘er rip! If that’s not enough down for you, no worries, the best is yet to come.

At the bottom of the downhill, climb up the two track road and keep going. Stick to the road and respect the cattle you’re likely to find at the end of the summer.

After a brief climb and a roll over a fence, look to the left for the next singletrack section. A little bit of rolling through the aspens and then seats down. This second stretch of downhill is longer and even more fun. Get some speed and pump the rollers.

At the bottom, turn left to pedal it out to town on the road. Turn right to link up with the Lower Loop system. Either way, you’ll end up back in downtown Crested Butte near Elk Avenue.

If you get the lupine in the morning, treat yourself to a coffee or lunch (or ice cream, you are on vacation after all) when you’re done. If you hit it in the afternoon, you can head to a patio and enjoy a delicious beer or a tasty rum cocktail.

If you’re riding Lupine by itself from town, plan on 1-1.5 hours +/-

If you’re linking with the Lower Loop system plan on a half hour more. Paired with Snodgrass, plan on at least an hour more.

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