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Yes, we’re a little biased, But we think Hartman Rocks is one of the best desert trail systems in the state, if not the west. Located in the south end of the valley, it’s one of the first areas to open up in the spring. It’s also just a short drive from downtown Gunnison.

Although you can camp at Hartman Rocks, we recommend staying downtown. Lodging is inexpensive, showers are hot, and the food and bar scene is fun. Plus, camping is limited and you can’t reserve it ahead of time, so you may show up and not get a spot.

Hartman’s has 44 miles of singletrack and 33 miles of dirt road open to mountain bikers, making it a great place to spend an hour or a weekend.

Most groups will want to park at the base area before riding up into Hartman’s via the road or climbing Jack’s. But if you have young kids or adaptive riders in your group, you’ll want to drive farther into the area, parking at the bottom of the Sea of Sage/Broken Shovel loop.

Families will love sea of sage to broken shovel. This loop’s wide, handcycle friendly trails are wonderful for learning to ride. It has some nice viewpoints. During the spring on wet years you’ll get to see plenty of desert wildflowers.

From there, intermediate riders can step it up to Becks, which is a near perfect downhill. Flowy and Fast. In fact, it’s so fun that you may find yourself itching to do it again. That’s allowed and encouraged!

More advanced riders won’t want to miss Freefall or Rattlesnake. If you’re letting the black diamond rating on Collarbone scare you away, don’t. This run has steep sections, but just let it fly and give it a go. You may find you’re a better biker than you thought!

If you’re planning to spend time at Hartman Rocks, any of our local bike shops can give you tips on how to link up a loop for your mileage and ability level. In fact, that’s the best place to get intel because they’ll know what’s going on there with season changes to the trails.

Be aware that Hartman Rocks is in Gunnison Sage Grouse territory. Between March 15 and May 15, observe all posted seasonal closures (no riding before 9 AM and stay north of the powerline road).

After a great day of riding trail at Harman Rocks, you can head into downtown Gunnison for the apres scene. Check the I Bar ranch live music schedule, find a happy hour at one of the downtown restaurants, or grab some great Mexican food or a steak to fuel the next day’s adventures.

Trail Heads 2

  • Hartman Rocks Base Area
  • Tailpipe

Trails 41

  • Aberdeen Loop
  • Alonzo's
  • Back Bone
  • Back In
  • Bambi's
  • Becks
  • Behind the Rock
  • Bicycle Jumps
  • Broken Shovel
  • Buddy Bear
  • Collar Bone
  • Dirty Sock
  • Fenceline
  • Freefall
  • Gateway
  • Jack's Trail
  • Josho's
  • Josie's
  • Kiki's Trail
  • Lost Dog
  • Lower Jacks
  • McCabe's
  • Nine-0
  • Outback
  • Qualifier Loop
  • Rattlesnake
  • Ring Duke
  • Rocky Ridge
  • Sandy Wash
  • Sawtooth
  • Sea of Sage
  • Skull Bypass
  • Skull Pass
  • Swoosh
  • Tailpipe
  • Technical Becks
  • The Luge
  • The Notch
  • Top of the World
  • Tugs
  • Water Treatment


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