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The rides in the Dyke Trail Area are nothing if not gorgeous. Colorado’s largest aspen grove covers most of this area and the riding in September will wrap you in a yellow blur for miles. The Dyke itself is an awe-inspiring spine of rock set into the Ruby Range.

The Dyke Trail is the most popular trail in the area and starts in Irwin. It’s also not uncommon for people to begin this ride in town and use Kebler Wagon Trail to get back and forth with minimal hassle. From the trailhead in Irwin the first part of this ride will be an exquisite downhill. Horses and mud have made parts of this trail a little rough, but for the most part it’s all scenic and fun. Part way through the ride you’ll have to cross The Dyke. This will make things steep for a bit, but the views from the top are first class. Keep following the Dyke Trail and eventually you’ll end up on Kebler Pass Road at the Horse Ranch Park Trailhead.

To add mileage or adventure consider the Cliff Creek/Beckwith Pass loop before you head back home. This trail is used by horseback riders and hikers more than mountain bikers, but don’t let that fool you. This shorter 9 mile loop is great by itself or as an addition if you’re looking to leaf-peep a little longer. Counter-clockwise is generally the best direction, ending in a solid downhill on Cliff Creek Trail.

Whatever you decide to ride in this area, just make sure you bring a camera. The wildflowers are as stunning as any other place in the area, and the backdrop of the Ruby Range is sure to make you a biking star.


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  • Cliff Creek
  • Horse Ranch Park
  • The "Y"

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