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Although the Carbon Creek Trail Area is in close proximity to town it affords big adventure to those looking for a humbling loose rock ride. Although the map makes the terrain look benign the trails in this area go straight up and straight down everything.

Carbon Trail (#436) is also known as the Para Me y Para Te Trail and is the centerpiece of the Carbon Trail Area. This is one of the only trails close to town that allows motos so heads up on weekends and busy times. This also means that the trail is often full of roots and rocks and the average seasoned rider will find a bit of hike-a-bike spread throughout.

Just because the trail is a little tougher doesn’t mean this area isn’t without it’s own charm. At the Carbon Trailhead off Ohio Creek Rd. you’ll find a bit of interesting history as you start your ride on the old railroad grade that used to climb up Ohio Pass. Views of The Castles in the West Elk Wilderness are breathtaking so make sure you sneak a peek over your shoulder or stop for a photo shoot. Further up Carbon Trail the Green Lake Trail will take you up to a beautiful alpine lake at the base of Mt. Axtell. The hike up is pretty short and it’s worth a dip on a hot day before you ride the downhill back to town.

The Carbon Trail is also used as a major part of the Tour de Axtell a popular loop ride for those that want a little taste of adventure. The loop starts in town heading up Kebler Pass Rd. before splitting off onto Splains Gulch and the Lily Lake Trail. Once you reach Ohio Creek Rd. turn left and ride down to the Carbon Trailhead. Ride Carbon Trail to Green Lake Trail and all the way back to pizza in town.

The Carbon Trail area can be used to access other loops in the Lily Lake, Green Lake, Gunsight Pass, and Dyke Trail Areas.

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Map of the Carbon Creek Trail Area

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