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The Brush Creek Trail Area is a trail network only limited by your imagination and endurance. Many smaller trail areas reside within the Brush Creek expanse so having this map downloaded into your arsenal is a sure-fire way to have a lot territory at your fingertips.

Unless you live in Gunnison or have a huge time-crunch, most people ride this trail area from town. Riding Tony’s to Upper Loop/Bridges/Upper Upper may be the most popular ride in the valley and also allows access to the harder and longer trails in the Brush Creek network. There is trailhead parking on Brush Creek Road just before you cross the East River, as well as some smaller parking areas near the Canal Trail, Farris Road, and the junction of Middle and West Brush Roads.

Much of the biking in Brush is dependent on what kind of riding you want to do. If you only have a limited amount of time, the Strand Hill area is full of great intermediate trails that are easily accomplished in an afternoon or after dinner. For long rides look to Deer Creek and Teocalli Ridge to get your fix.For extremely long rides check out the map and explore the possibilities of trails like Block and Tackle, Brush Creek Trail, and 409 and their connections to the Cement Creek valley.

The most classic ride in this trail area is the Pearl Pass Tour to Aspen. This is one of the oldest mountain bike routes in the world and is host to the annual Pearl Pass Tour every September for over 40 years! The entire route is on doubletrack shared by motos and 4×4, and given the altitude, rocks, mud and climbing it is no easy feat. If you really want to claim the Pearl Pass Tour you need to do it on a rigid steel frame; gears are allowed. Some people on modern XC bikes can ride this to Aspen and back in a day, but most normal riders will spend the night in Aspen, rest their legs, take a shower, and come back over the next day.

Trail Heads 1

  • Brush Creek Main

Trails 14

  • 409 1/2
  • Canal Trail
  • Ditch Trail
  • DoubleTop
  • Farris Creek
  • Hammer
  • Point Lookout
  • Strand
  • Strand Bonus
  • Strand Hill Road
  • Strawberry
  • Teocalli Ridge
  • The Wall
  • Waterfall Creek


Map of the Brush Creek Trail Area

Photos of the Brush Creek Trail Area