Visit these ladies for apres mountain biking in Almont

Almont marks the spot where the headwaters of the Gunnison River meet. It’s more known for whitewater and fishing, but has a few of the Gunnison Valley’s best mountain bike trails.

Almont Mountain Biking

Almont is the best access point to the rides in Taylor Canyon. Doctor Park is probably the most well-known of these relatively unknown rides. You’ll also find Timberline and Texas Ridge. Almont is also a fabulous place to stay if you want to ride both north and south valley trails on the same trip.

Almont Apres Bike

The apres scene in Almont is small but mighty. Several resorts in the town have restaurants and bars. It’s a great place to chill on a deck or patio by the river or sidle up to an outdoor bar and have a burger and a beer.

Almont really shines on down days from mountain biking. The whitewater rafting and kayaking are a fun way to spend a day, especially early in the season. The fly fishing in the Taylor and above is crazy good. And the Fossil Ridge Wilderness has miles of hiking trails to explore.