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Ride Report: #ThrowbackThursday to Strand with Rhodes

Rhodes posing at the top of Strand Hill

The air was so clear that distant mountains stood right before me. The September sky appeared perfectly blue. Crisp, yellow Aspen leaves colored the hills and mountainsides. The Decision In spite of an overflowing inbox and lengthy to-do list, I said to myself “we’re going for a big ride this evening!” At that moment I… Read more »

Ride Report: Fat Bike Hut Trip

maroon hut fat bike trip night

Having grown up in Southwest Colorado I am no stranger to winter hut trips. Gather up some friends, food and backcountry gear and spend some time disconnected and enjoying the outdoors. I have done countless winter hut trips with skis and snowboards, so when the opportunity to do one with fat bikes arose I immediately jumped… Read more »

Chasing Epic Fall Trip Report

fall mountain biker in crested butte

Last weekend, Chasing Epic hosted a private group from the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance for their 25th Anniversary in Crested Butte. Let’s just say the timing was perfect, as the leaves were near-peak and the riding was absolutely spectacular.

Chasing Epic July 4th Trip Report

by Steve Mokan, Chasing Epic Owner Crested Butte over the 4th of July is about as good as it gets: an incredible town, amazing singletrack in a high-alpine environment, and the best 4th of July parade this side of Washington DC.  We couldn’t have asked for a more fun trip… although dodging rain drops made… Read more »

Ride Report: Lupine Loops Part 1

Because it’s so close to town, and because it’s a relatively easy trail, people ride Lupine a lot. If I hammer, I can ride it in about an hour door to door making it a good lunch ride. It’s also an aptly named trail and is one of the best spots in the valley to… Read more »

Visit Colorado Video Shoot

Back in early September, we spent one glorious, and exhausting, day filming a short film about mountain biking here in the Gunnison Valley with a crew from Visit Colorado. The result of that day of shooting is now live (after the jump). The women of the Gunnison Valley stepped up as High Altitude Models (H.A.M.s) and Vital… Read more »

Ride Report: Roaring Judy, Eccher Gulch Loop

cliff move on Roaring Judy

Earlier this summer when I did my first mountain bike clinic, my coach was a contractor my husband Tom has worked with on a few jobs around the valley. Jason and I discussed my desire to improve so I could join in on some of Tom’s big rides including Tom’s current favorite: Roaring Judy to Eccher… Read more »

Ride Report: 409.5

Back in the saddle. We had a string of non-mountain biker house guests here overlapping with when the Enduro World Series was in town. Between spending days out on the course shooting photos, afternoons in sponsor village, and evenings entertaining visiting family, I had a two-week stretch without a mountain biking fix. I was ready for a shorter… Read more »

Ride Report: The 401

The 401 (aka Trail Riders Trail #401) is arguably the most well-known mountain bike trail in the world. Search youtube for “401 trail” and you’ll find hundreds of videos (here’s my favorite). If you played word association with a group of mountain bikers and said “Crested Butte,” most would say “401.” But, I had never ridden… Read more »

Ride Report: Doctor Park

Sunday I was due for “a trip to the doctor.” Gunnison Valley locals like to say this trail is called Doctor Park because it’s a cure for what ails you. Last week’s rain had left me antsy to get some quality hours in on my bike. This 20 mile loop was just the prescription I… Read more »