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Ride Report: Fat Bike Hut Trip

maroon hut fat bike trip night

Having grown up in Southwest Colorado I am no stranger to winter hut trips. Gather up some friends, food and backcountry gear and spend some time disconnected and enjoying the outdoors. I have done countless winter hut trips with skis and snowboards, so when the opportunity to do one with fat bikes arose I immediately jumped… Read more »

Local’s Guide to Gunnison Valley Fat Biking

Where would we expect the first Fat Biking World Championships (thanks, Borealis!) other than the mountain valley that, along with Marin County, birthed mountain biking? It’s coming right up, January 27-31, 2016.

7 Reasons to Come to Fat Bike Worlds

Fat Bike Group in Crested Butte

We are giddy over the prospect of hosting the first annual Borealis Fat Bike World Championships presented by Odell Brewing Company this year (January 27-31). It’s not just the event that makes us happy, it’s everything that comes along with it. Here are seven reasons you should make tracks for Crested Butte at the end… Read more »