We’ve given you our trail guide to help you find the perfect trail for you among our 750 miles.ladies mountain bike itinerary But sometimes it’s nice to have someone else handle all the details when you’re on vacation.

If you don’t want to have to pick the trails, we have you covered as well. Use our dialed mountain bike itineraries. Just show up, check your tire pressures, and hit the trail. We’ll continue to to add to our itineraries over time. To stay up to date, subscribe to our MTB Home Newsletter.

Note: The mountain bike itineraries below are defined by the number of days of actual riding. You may need to add additional travel days on the front or end of the itinerary depending on where you are visiting us from.

Mountain Bike Itineraries

3 Day Beginner Flow Mountain Bike Itinerary

Three days of flow riding. Perfect for beginners. Close to the towns of Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte (plus a Gunnison option) and not a lot of vertical. Arrive in the valley, pick up your reserved rental bike or pump up your tires. Pack a water bottle and some snacks and get out there.

  • Day 1: Evolution Bike Park.  To help you get used to the altitude, we recommend you spend day 1 riding chairs at the Evolution Bike Park and then cruising the green circle downhills. Awakening is about as smooth as they come. It’s also a great way to work on your bike handling skills. You won’t be as fatigued as you would be if you had to ride the uphills, too. You can also spin a few laps in the pump track at the base area to learn a little about berms and rollers. Consider taking a lesson with the friendly instructors from Evolution Bike Park.
  • Day 2: Lower Loop. Now that you’ve got your wheels under you, it’s time to head out on a cross country trail. The Lower Loop is a great option for beginners because you can choose to ride double track if you want. It does have just a few technical moves, but it’s a relatively easy trail and doesn’t require a lot of climbing. Just be sure to stick to the true Lower Loop. The Upper Lower and the Budd Trail are tough ones even for experienced riders. Download the map from our trail guide to your phone and take it with you to guide your ride. Ride back into town and enjoy the apres scene on Elk Avenue.
  • Day 3: Lupine OR Hartman Rocks Flow. Depending on how you’re feeling on Day 3, we have a few suggestions. If you’re up to try a little more climbing to get more of that really good flow, push yourself and go for the Lupine Trail. This will be your biggest day of climbing yet, but it’s a flow-filled trail for a blue square. If you’re starting to feel fatigued, you can head south to Gunnison and ride the flow trails at Hartman Rocks instead. Sea of Sage, Broken Shovel, and the Luge are all great beginner flow trails. They’re fun and fast enough that you could ride them once, or go for broke and lap them a few times. If you’re feeling confident, head to Beck’s and rip a great downhill. If you go right at the “y,” your skills should be tuned up enough that you can cruise this locals’ favorite.