Mountain Biking

autumn mountain biking in the Gunnison valleyMountain biking just may be the coolest thing about the non-snow months in the Gunnison Valley. Sure, we have the biggest small town 4th of July celebration, Colorado’s largest reservoir, and the state’s best wildflowers. But the mountain biking here is a way of life.

Mountain Biking—A Way of Life

On any given weekday afternoon, we’re scheming how to get on our bikes for a ride after work. Even if it means packing our headlamps and finishing in the dark. Friday nights are spent riding the lifts at Evolution Bike Park and plotting out the best full day route linking up miles of trail for Saturday. Some of us work during the evening and weekend hours. That way we can spend our days on empty trails.

We dream about mountain biking. We read Mountain Flyer and BIKE Magazine while we sip our coffee. We compare the weights of different bike components while we drink whiskey around the campfire. We geek out on everything to do with mountain biking, even those of us who can only be called respectable beginners.

We flocked here because it’s the home of mountain biking. We all came back to the nest.

Why We Ride

We ride, you ride, because it’s fun. We ride mountain bikes because it’s hard. Because it’s scary. For the exercise. For the adventure. Because our friends do.

We ride in the Gunnison Valley because when ski season winds down and you’re craving a chance to get in flow, you go to Hartman Rocks. Scaring yourself on Freefall is just like getting gripped on the Crested Butte Extremes. The world falls away.

We ride in the Gunnison Valley because you can get out on the 403 and be surrounded by nothing but waist high wildflowers, the bluest sky you’ll ever see, and your best friends. For miles.

Gothic Trail Area

We ride Doctor Park because for a mile in the middle of the downhill you get to feel like you’re on Endor. If you’re good enough you don’t even have to touch your brakes.

We ride here in the home of mountain biking because that’s just what people do here. Every summer since the 1970s.