trailquest screenshotAnnouncing the newest version of our free CBGTrails Map App, complete with TrailQuest!

We’ve been working with our map genius, Derrick Nehrenberg and his team at GoMaps, on a pretty sweet project for months now. We’re pleased to announce that, just in time for this year’s Gunnison Growler Weekend, we have released the new CBGTrails map app for both Android and iOS.

Here’s Why We Made This

In the Gunnison Valley, we firmly believe that one good ride deserves another. And another. And another. Luckily, we have over 750 miles of singletrack and 150+ mountain bike trails ranging from high alpine singletrack to desert flow. But in some ways, having that many choices and that much variety can make it hard to choose. (more…)

Rider Profile: Dave Ochs

Over the course of the summer, we’ll be doing a series of blog posts profiling our local riding heroes. These are the people who inspire us to be better mountain bikers ourselves and we look to them as mountain bike role models. First up, David Ochs.

Dave is the current Executive Director of the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association. Even though it’s the oldest mountain bike club in the world (maybe even the universe), Dave is the first full-time employee they have ever had. After maintaining the north valley’s 400+ miles of trails on a shoestring budget ($20k and beer, they used to say) for decades, the board made the decision in spring of 2016 that it was time to take the plunge and go for it. They hired Dave and the rest, as they say, is history.

Dave examining mountain bike trail for a trailwork day.
Dave swinging a tool for trailwork day.

We tracked down Dave and interviewed him as our very first rider profile for summer 2017. This interview has been edited slightly for clarity. (more…)

Ride Report: #ThrowbackThursday to Strand with Rhodes

The air was so clear that distant mountains stood right before me. The September sky appeared perfectly blue. Crisp, yellow Aspen leaves colored the hills and mountainsides.

yellow aspens on the mountains in West Brush Creek, Crested Butte, CO

The Decision

In spite of an overflowing inbox and lengthy to-do list, I said to myself “we’re going for a big ride this evening!” At that moment I determined I would surprise my son when the school bell rang at 3:30 by picking him up with both our bikes mounted on the car. And that’s what I did. (more…)

#OneGoodRide Instagram Roundup May 2017

It’s that time of year again. Hartman Rocks has been open for over a month; snow is starting to melt out in places like lower Cement Creek and the Upper Loop. We may not be setting any PRs on Strava yet, but you can bet we’re out on our bikes every chance we can get.

With the new season in mind we’ve gone through our favorite photos that have used the #OneGoodRide tag already this season. These folks will be winning a pair of MTBHome riding socks and a stainless steel pint glass. Don’t forget that we’ll be pulling our favorites once a month, and you could be the next winner. Don’t forget to tag your photos #OneGoodRide any time you ride some sweet Gunnison Valley singletrack for your chance in June!


hartman rocks mountain biking gunnison

Andrew’s Summer Ride List

Summer 2017 marks my 7-year anniversary living in the Gunnison-Crested Butte Valley.  That being said, I am embarrassed to say, I have yet to conquer some of the valley’s classic rides on my mountain bike. After discussing this, we as a staff thought it would be fun to post our summer bucket lists.  We will have to circle back when the snow starts flying to see if we were all able to accomplish our goals.  This year, I won’t need a hall pass to go ride because I got my wife a mountain bike for her birthday. (more…)

Laurel’s Summer Bucket List

Selfie at Hartman Rocks in Gunnison, CO

Tom and me on our first day at Hartman’s this season. All photos in this post were shamelessly stolen from him.

Usually about this time of year I start thinking about favorite trails like old friends I’m going to go see soon. Those trails usually form the basis of my summer riding bucket list in the Gunnison Valley. But as I get more technically proficient on my bike, the list of trails that I can ride continues to expand. This spring, I’ve been making a list of new trails that I haven’t explored yet.

Some are obvious ones that every rider in the Valley needs to tick off their list (I’m almost ashamed to put this list out publicly since I’m missing so many classics) and others are a little bit farther away and harder to get to. Here are my top must-ride trails for summer 2017!

Let the 2017 Mountain Biking Season BEGIN!

Hartman Rocks Opening today– April 13, 2017

riding Josho's Trail at Hartman Rocks in Gunnison

A Mid-Summer Afternoon at Hartman’s from 2016


Yeehaw! It’s officially mountain biking season in the Gunnison Valley.

Gunnison Trails reported this morning that the BLM has officially made the call to open Hartman Rocks north of the Powerlines today, April 13, 2017. There are a few temporary closures in place. Get the full scoop at the Gunnison Trails newsletter from this morning.

Leia’s Summer Bucket List

Overnight on the bike

I’ve been riding in the Gunnison Valley for about 15 years and have had many epic days on long, grueling rides with scenery and terrain that literally takes my breath away. One of the greatest parts of living in the Gunnison Valley is that I can access thousands of acres of rideable public lands within a matter of minutes from the house. Day trips are great but I crave just a little bit more. What I haven’t checked off my bucket list is an overnighter on my bike. You know when a great day has come to an end and the fairy dust of the day soon vanishes and it’s back to the reality of dirty laundry, commitments, friends and family? I’d like to extend that euphoria of being out on the trail and add a night or two under the stars with a big campfire in front of me. Here’s a couple micro adventures that I’d like to tick off the list this summer.

Bike packing at Hartman Rocks

sunset at Hartman Rocks in Gunnison, CO

Spring Outerbike Report

This past weekend marked the passing of another successful Spring Outerbike in Moab. Three times a year the folks at Western Spirit Cycling organize “the best bike demo event in the universe.” During the spring and fall, the location is in Moab. During the summer, the event will take place in Mt. Crested Butte for the first time this August. The MTBHome crew makes it a point to come out for each event with our huge trail map, stickers, and, of course, a bunch of beer.

Ride Report: Fat Bike Hut Trip

Having grown up in Southwest Colorado I am no stranger to winter hut trips. Gather up some friends, food and backcountry gear and spend some time disconnected and enjoying the outdoors. I have done countless winter hut trips with skis and snowboards, so when the opportunity to do one with fat bikes arose I immediately jumped on the opportunity.

maroon hut fat bike trip night
wheelie riding during fat bike world championships crested butte colorado

The Gunnison Valley has greatly embraced the fat bike movement and has hosted the Fat Bike World Championships for two years running. Directly following this year’s festivities, myself and a few other media folks hopped on fat bikes and pedaled the 3.5 miles from the Snodgrass Trailhead out to the Gothic town site and the Maroon Hut.